Comano’s thermal spring water is effective in the treatment of inflammatory skin diseases, as psoriasis, atopic dermatitis,seborrheic dermatitis and eczema. The care is completely natural and brings durable results.

There’s an initial medical visit, during which the thermal doctor defines a personalized therapy: one or two baths a day of maximum 20 minutes. Sometimes can be useful also adding treatments as phototherapy, drinking thermal spring water therapy, hydromassages, thermal spring water inhalations.

For good results there’s need of at least 10-12 days of permanence, making thermal cares every day, also on Sunday.

Also children can make thermal cares, from the 8th month of age.

Comano’s thermal spring water is effective also to care the hight respiratory system diseases of adults and children.

For fees and more information:


Thermal baths are carried out in a single bath tub, in a single room. There’s no need for swimsuit or swim cap, towels are provided by the thermal centre without additional costs.

Medical visits and thermal cares are made every day, also on Sundays, so it is possible to start and continue the therapies any day of the week.

Starting visits must be book in advance, contacting the thermal centre. You can book by e-mail ( or filling the apposite form online.

From our hotel, you can reach the thermal centre walking through the thermal park.
Otherwise, you can use our
free bus service that brings our hosts to the thermal centre.


The period of spa treatments is also an opportunity to disconnect from the stress of everyday life, relax, recharge, take care of yourself.

Enjoy the time you will spend with us: ask us for advice on activities and places to visit, have fun with our entertainers, relax in our SPA, dance and let loose in our disco, taste the culinary masterpieces of our chef.

we are here to make you feel good!