Places to discover during your holidays at Hotel Angelo

  • Molveno Lake

    Molveno, Province of Trento, Italy .

    Lawn and clear water: a wonderful lake framed by mountains

    Molveno lake is an enchanting lake in the Adamello Brenta Natural Park. The dolomites are reflected in its waters.

    Where is it

    It is located within a natural setting composed of the Brenta Group mountain range, the Monte Gazza and Paganella massif. A wonderful place just 17 kilometers away from our hotel.

    In 2019, Lake Molveno was proclaimed for the 6th consecutive year the most beautiful and cleanest lake in Italy by Legambiente and the Italian Touring Club for the quality of water, beach and services.

    To the north of the lake is the village of Molveno.

    What to do

    Around the lake there are 12 hectares of beach, lawns and numerous play areas, sandboxes and mini golf for children; There is also the "Acqua Park" with slides and water games, the miniclub and the pump truck with skill area, for children who learn to ride a mountain bike.

    Sports enthusiasts can choose between a game of tennis, a boat or pedal boat trip, a canoe trip, a stand up paddle course, a swim in the Olympic-sized swimming pool or a walk along the shores of the lake.

    With the Panoramica cable car, open from May to October, you can go up to the Pradel Plateau, the privileged access point for excursions in the heart of the Brenta Dolomites.

    Finally, a ten minute drive from Lake Molveno is the Spormaggiore Wildlife Park, which hosts Trentino animals such as brown bears, wolves, owls and lynxes, for a day to discover the local fauna.

  • Terme di Comano, dermatological center of excellence in Europe

    Loc. Terme di Comano, 6, 38077 Ponte Arche TN .

    Thermal water effective in the treatment of dermatological diseases

    Comano's thermal spring water is unique for its emollients, soothing, calming and anti-inflammatory proprieties. It is effective against inflammatory skin diseases such as psoriasis, dermatitis and eczema.

    Thermal water care is a natural therapy which brings durable results in 12-15 days of care. Complete therapy is of 12-25 thermal baths, one or two a day. The first day a thermal doctor sets a personalized treatment way. 

    Other treatments are also carried out, such as inhalation treatments (ideal for the most sensitive subjects, such as allergy sufferers), thermal whirlpools for circulation and hydropinic treatment, such as diuretic and purifying therapy.

    For more information:

  • Terme di Comano's Park

    Loc. Terme di Comano, 6, 38077 Ponte Arche TN .

    Walk, breath and relax: a 3 km long pedestrian path

    A wonderful rainbow of colors that changes over the seasons, thanks to over 700 plants and trees that give shade to the pedestrian streets and benches, where you can relax and read a good book.

    There are two artificial lakes, two wooden playgrouns for children, a basket/volleyball field, two bowl fields, a life path and a bar in the middle of the park.

    At the end of the park there is the Comano's  thermal centre, one of the most famous in Europe for the thermal spring water, effective for skin diseases. The name derives from the mythical Sibilla Cumana, the Roman prophetess who, according to legend, kept the miraculous source as a treasure.

  • Stenico Castle and Rio Bianco Waterfalls

    Val Giudicarie, 38070 Stenico TN .

    Between ladies and knights, guards and prisoners: the center of local power in the Middle Ages.

    The castle of Stenico belonged to the prince-bishops of Trento since XII century. It was the headquartier of the "captain of the giudicarie" who administered the surrounding area.

    Stenico Castle was the summer residence of the bishop princes, who lived in the Buonconsiglio Castle in Trento. 

    Today the castle hosts exhibitions, concerts and shows. You can reach the castle from Stenico's village through a climb that brings to the castle's door. 

    Inside the castle you can see a valuable archaeological section of local historical finds and an exhibition of furniture, frescoes, weapons and ancient utensils from the collections of the Castello del Buonconsiglio Museum in Trento, of which the manor is a detached seat.

    The castle of Stenico has also recently been the representative seat of the UNESCO Biosphere Alpi Ledrensi and Judicaria.

    From the castle's garden, but also inside its rooms, you can hear the sound of Rio Bianco Waterfalls and you can see a wonderful landscape on Lomaso and on all our valley.

  • Tenno Lake and Canale medieval village

    38060 Tenno, TN, Italy .

    A turquoise lake, born from a painter's palette

    Tenno Lake is a pleasure for the eyes and an opportunity to explore the surroundings, between villages and gastronomy.

    It is only 16 km from the Angelo hotel, at 570 meters above sea level.

    Near the beautiful lake of Tenno there is also the medieval village of Canale di Tenno, one of the "Borghi più belli d'Italia", the club of the most beautiful villages in Italy.  A "borgo" is a fascinating small town, generally fortified and dating back to the period from the Middle Ages to the Renaissance.

    What to do

    First, we recommend a visit to the medieval village of Canale di Tenno. Here you can visit the Casa degli Artisti (artists' house), dedicated to Giacomo Vittone, an adoptive painter from Canale.
    Two very suggestive events take place in Canale di Tenno: Rustico Medioevo, festival of various arts which brings back some moments of medieval life in the village, and which takes place the first two weeks of August; in winter, however, the alleys host the traditional Christmas markets. 


    After the cultural visits, it's time to relax: who comes to Tenno Lake looks for this! You can immerse yourself in the clear waters of the lake,  giving yourself a moment of deep contact with nature.
    But this pastel-colored lake, surrounded by pastures and forests, hides other secrets. On the lake, in fact, there is a small island that houses a particular biotope and, for short periods, when the water level drops, a second one emerges. This second island is called "1986's island", because it is was spotted for the first time in that year . This is why the lake has its "island that is not there". Sometimes you will see it, sometimes you won't.


    the waters of Lake Tenno form the Varone waterfall and the Varone Waterfall and Cave park is one of the most evocative attractions of this area. Here you can follow a path between bridges, stairs, paths and tunnels dug into the mountain.

  • Fiavè's Pile dwelling Museum - UNESCO

    Via 3 Novembre, 53, 38075 Fiave' TN .

    A dip in prehistory: how did people live 4,000 years ago?

    The pile-dwelling museum is located in the ancient Carli house, inside the village of Fiavè, about 7 km from the Angelo hotel.

    At 1 km away, just outside the inhabited center, there is the archaeological area, which is part of the "Prehistorical Pile dwellings around the Alps", recognized by UNESCO. Here are still visible the remains of prehistoric stilts that emerge from the waters of a small lake. Archaeological excavations conducted in the 1960s have brought to light many everyday objects dating back to the Bronze Age: vases, bowls, baskets, traces of food, weapons, kitchen utensils ... A rich and important testimony of how they lived locals 4,000 years ago!

    Many of these finds are exhibited inside the museum, which dedicates an entire floor to the reconstruction of everyday life at the time of the stilts with the large model of a village with over 70 characters, but also ceramic vases, bronze jewelry, in Baltic amber and gold. Various wooden objects are also exhibited, fortunately surviving over the millennia: cups, ladles, sickles, drills, ax handles. Are exhibited also the remains of the food that those people cultivated and collected.

    A modern, interactive and very interesting exhibition


    From 01 March to 17 June 2019 and from 10 September to 31 October 2019
    Saturday, Sunday and public holidays: 2.00pm - 6.00pm

    From June 18th to September 9th 2019
    Tuesday to Sunday: 10.00 - 13.00 / 14.00 - 18.00



  • Nardis Waterfalls

    Via Val di Genova, 38080 Carisolo TN .


    Nardis Waterfalls are at 35 km from Hotel Angelo, near Madonna di Campiglio. They are inside the “Genova Valley”, in the Adamello Brenta Natural Park.


    An excursion on foot through the Genova Valley, where there are the sources of an arm of the Sarca river. Here the waters of the glacial streams of Adamello and Presanella flow.

    The walking starts from “Ponte Verde” parking, that you can reach by car through the “Val Genova” way from Caderzone. Then you can walk to Nardis Falls and Lares Falls, until the place “La Todesca”.

    Starting from the “Ponte Verde” parking you can cross the bridge over the Sarca River and take the path B01 (Falls path) towards Nardis Falls. The path leads through the woods and follows the course of the river. After only 10 minutes you will reach the impressive Nardis waterfall, which is absolutely worth a visit. Along the path we also see the Casöl waterfall and the Lares waterfall. We end our excursion at the height of the Folgorida waterfall at the "La Todesca" hamlet.

    It is also possible to go on walking for another 6 km, until “Malga Bedole” (Bedole Alm). In high season, the Adamello Brenta Natural Park’s buses will bring you back to the starting point Ponte Verde Parking.

  • Toblino Castle

    Via Caffaro, 1 38072 Sarche .

    A romantic calstle in the middle of the Lake


    Toblino Castle is about 13 km far from Hotel Angelo, on the road to Trento, after the village of Sarche. You can easilly see it from the street.


    A pleasant walk along the shores of the lake, also through the wooden walkways. In the reeds, in the water or on the banks it is possible to observe different species of birds, especially aquatic ones, such as swans, ducks, mallards, nightingales and gray herons. Since 1992 the lake has become part of the biotopes of the Autonomous Province of Trento and enjoys the protection reserved for protected areas.

    The castle was built on a little peninsula that extends into the heart of Lake Toblino, among vineyards and age-old woods of Trentino. The fortress dates back to 1200 AD and originally it performed a military-strategic function along the road to the Giudicarie. The castle was later renovated in the 16th century by the Prince Bishops of Trento.

    The castle is now privately owned, houses a bar and a restaurant open from March to October, which can be accessed directly from the main door: the bar has a splendid panoramic terrace. The castle is surrounded by a large park and a large crenellated wall. The interior of the structure can be visited only by appointment or during events organized especially in summer. The castle also hosts private events such as weddings and ceremonies.

  • Garda Lake and Varone Waterfalls

    38066 Riva del Garda, Italy .

    A walk along the lake, shopping in the boutiques of the historic center but also cultural visits


    Riva del Garda is about 35 km from the Hotel Angelo. To reach Riva del Garda you can drive in the direction of Trento and turn right into Sarche, or you can take the Passo Ballino, passing through Tenno (from the road you can admire Lake Tenno).


    Riva del Garda

    We are 65 meters above sea level, the climate is mild and the beaches of Lake Garda are an ideal place both for sunbathing and for a nice walk, perhaps enjoying an ice cream!
    The town and its surroundings are full of olive trees, lemons and palms and it almost seems to be on the sea, but the mountains that surround it remind us that we are in Trentino, in the Dolomites.

    The historic center of Riva del Garda is a pedestrian area with many places to visit, but also of shops, boutiques, bars and ice cream shops.

    Walking through the historic center with its Lombard-Venetian style buildings, we recommend a visit to the Rocca di Riva, dating back to 1124, home to the Alto Garda Museum which houses the Pinacoteca. Here are exhibits from prehistory to the Middle Ages and up to the present day. In winter the Rocca hosts the Santa Claus House, a real joy for children.

    Then you can reach the Apponale Tower, on which you can also go up. The tower is 34 meters high and is located on Piazza 3 Novembre, the heart of the village. At the top of the tower you will see the symbol of Riva, the Anzolim, a bronze angel.

    Another characteristic area of Riva is the district of Morocco, where you will find very characteristic views.

    The Riva del Garda area also offers the opportunity to do many sports: sailing and windsurfing on the lake, paragliding, walking, mountain biking, climbing, via ferrata and canyoning in the surrounding area: Riva del Garda is a real open-air gym!

    Varone Waterfalls

    Another attraction of the area are the Varone Waterfalls, with the Grotta Cascata Varone Park, a destination for many tourists because of the suggestive jump of about 100 meters of the Magnone stream, fed by the waters of Lake Tenno.